Costume exhibition design

Final Thesis. Dense and translucent: Costume exhibition design. 2016. Julia Turunen. Interior Architecture. Photo: Julia Turunen. Tuuheaa ja läpikuultavaa: Pukunäyttelyn... Read more


Good mood office

Final Thesis. Good mood office. 2016. Julia Chen. Interior Architecture. Photo: Julia Chen. Hyvän mielen toimisto.   Read more


Productization of knit collection

Final Thesis. Design and productization of knit collection for R/H. 2016. Amanda Halonen. Textile Design. Photo: Amanda Halonen. Neulemalliston suunnittelu ja tuotteistaminen... Read more


Signage product family

Final Thesis. Concept design of signage product family for the city of Tampere. 2016. Simo Lahtinen. Industrial Design. Photo: Simo Lahtinen. Opastelaitteiden tuoteperheen... Read more


mono functional hybrid watches

Final Thesis. New concept development process of mono functional hybrid watches. 2016. Umberto Onza. Industrial Design. Photo: Umberto Onza.   Read more


Food Waste Cycle

  Final Thesis. Food Waste Cycle: a service that connects grocery stores with parties who can benefit from food waste as smoothly as possible. 2016. Rasmus Lönnqvist.... Read more


Powerpack design

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LaptopLender – concept development Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

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Application Concept: Improvement of a UX-Design Of ce’s Client Experience Through Gami cation.

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Sykleri – product development and prototyping

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Textiles, Nutame

Final Thesis. Designing a Profitable Serial Production of Waste Textiles, Nutame collection. 2014. Sari Berglund. Textile Design. Kannattavan sarjatuotannon suunnittelu... Read more


In-Vehicle-Infotainment system

Final Thesis. User to car connecting In-Vehicle-Infotainment system design for the Biofore -concept car 2014. Ville Hela-Aro. Industrial Design. Photo: Ville Hela-Aro Read more