Concepts for the Circle House kiosks

The topic of the Innovation Project (10 ECTS) was very interesting. The brief for the design students was: what should be done with the kiosks beside the Circle House (Ympyrätalo) in Hakaniemi?

The kiosks of the Circle House has been there since year 1968. The kiosks were originally built as drive-in banks and during the past decades they have mainly been empty, excluding some random fast food joints.

The students defined the Design drivers: brings added value for the residents of the area, improves the areas comfortability and security, creats opportunities for local businesses and operators from different culture areas to introduce themselves (pop up), furthers cycling. And the research of the project included the internet Inquiry (n=915) which was held to the target groups; residents of the area, enterprises, associations and students.

Concepts: Kallio Dreaming – Basing to the inquiry Kallio Dreaming can be seen as a common dream of Kallio area inhabitants. It`s coffee, food, culture and services. It`s quick and unobstructed, it`s cozy and communal. It`s a meeting point and living room for all the citizens and visitors.

Circle House Corner – Loosely to the inquiry based Circle House Corner offers services in a quick stop principles. The functions support cycling as a part of the public transport and besides the locals are strongly targeted for all the Helsinki visitors.

The project group: Sara Grönberg (Interior Architecture), Paavo Helkama, Meri Suomela and Heidi Ukkonen (Industrial Design)

The supervisors: Juha Ainoa and Pasi Pänkäläinen