Metropolia and Aalto’s Team Wins Design Sprint Competition for Stations

Metropolia’s Interior Architecture student teamed up with students from Aalto University and won a competition organized by Sito Oy. The task in this competition for design students was to find new innovative ideas to ease the use of stations, terminals and other junctions of transportation.

The winning team was the only multidisciplinary one in the competition, including Kiia Kataja from Metropolia’s Interior Architecture and two students from Aalto University: Ellinoora Rustholkarhu (Collaborative and Industrial Design) and Joonas Ala-Karvia (Architecture). This team envisioned a new platform model for the Helsinki Market Square, where it would serve customers of various ferry operators more seamlessly, as well as ease the passage of pedestrians and cyclists.

This competition was organized as part of Helsinki Design Week’s Urban Design 40h Pop -Up event, which also marks the celebration of Sito’s 40th anniversary. Themes of this event included the service design of recreational areas and public transport, as well as the effectiveness of design and art in urban planning and in Finland’s competitiveness in the international context.