Yarn Visions 26.11.-5.3.2017

”In the Baltic Sea, as in any other ecosystem, everything is connected.” (the Chain made by Sonja Tanskanen, Gerli Kotkamets and Iida Kopio)

We textile design students got our first real art exhibition project few months ago. The job was to create and execute crochetted art pieces made of Novita’s yarn to Sinkka’s art show ”Yarn Visions”, that would reflect and speak on behalf of the problems concerning the Baltic Sea. The created art pieces will be auctioned for charity and the outcome will be donated to the John Nurminen -foundation and used to protect the Baltic Sea. The exhibition is international and also includes dozens of textile art designers all over the world.

Ghosts of the Sea and Chain. Photo by Elina Kynnysmaa

In groups of three we managed to create six beautiful pieces in the blueish shades of the sea that all come together as one, called ”The Dive into the Baltic Sea”. The separate pieces are named as Ghosts of the Sea, Under the Sea, The Chain/The Seal, A Drop in the Sea, Crochetting for Life and Party Crasher. They all take a stand for different issues, for example the toxic blue-green algae, and the loss of the ringed seal. The exhibition is open for 26.11.-5.3.2017. http://www.sinkka.fi/nayttely/nakyvaksi-neulottu

Party Crasher. Photo by Daniel Leiviskä

There is no better feeling than seeing your own work on the walls of an art museum next to incredible installations by established artists. On the opening night the whole place is full of people who zoom in with excitement to get closer and to see how the pieces have been done. Our ensemble reminds the watchers of the possibilities deep in the Baltic Sea.

Rest. Photo by Daniel Leiviskä

Now you have the chance to be a part of doing something good for the environment. We organize charity workshops every Wednesday in January from 4 pm to 7 pm, where you can crochet more for our installations with our students guiding and teaching you. We welcome you!

The auctioning of our pieces will happen at the ”Suomi 100 vuotta” Finvillage event:
Helsinki Suvilahti Kattilahalli on Sunday 1.10.2017

Students at Sinkka’s opening event. Photo by Elina Kynnysmaa


Metropolia University of Applied Sciences Textile Design students: Elisa Penttilä, Anna Lemberg, Lilli Ilmavirta, Taavi Mäkelä, Susanna Raiskio, Laura Laine, Sonja Tanskanen, Gerli Kotkamets, Iida Kopio, Maija Koppinen, Hanna Julin, Heidi Vuorinen, Riina Turpeinen, Roosa Hursti, Negar Bahadori, Oona Tulachan, Elina Kynnysmaa and Reetta Pihkanen