Success in the Fennia Prize 2017 Competition

Industrial Design alumnus Antti Väisänen and Consair Oy received the €5 000 Fennia Prize Winner award for their CAMU 1200 – Clean Air Management Unit. Interior Architecture alumnus Sonja Lepistö and her team received the Fennia Prize Honourable Mention for their Home Store Concept.

CAMU 1200

Design: Industrial Designer Antti Väisänen, Pekka Silen, Frank Russi, Innvolve Oy

Dust is the biggest problem on construction sites: it is a health hazard and hinders the worker’s progress from one task to another. Consair developed a functional and simple solution for this problem. CAMU 1200 is a portable workstation for mixing plaster and grout. The main goal in its design was to find ways to motivate construction site workers to engage in dust control. User-based design and the participation of users in product development and testing were included in all stages of product development and they also helped motivate users. The product, business and brand were constructed in a comprehensive manner with the clientele in mind.

Home Store Concept, Skanska Talonrakennus Oy

Design: Design Manager Sari Anttonen, Business Development Manager Susanna Sucksdorff, Interior Design Coordinator Sonja Lepistö / Skanska Kodit, Retail Art Director Ann-Catrin Friborg / ReActor Retail

Skanska Homes studied the customer path of home buyers and developed a service concept where one can study material selections for their future apartment in a comfortable setting and with the assistance of expert customer guides. The carefully designed solutions of the store ensure an integrated look and service experience everywhere. The concept supports the work of sales and customer service staff as well as the Skanska brand as a reliable housing developer. The Home Store is a new concept in its field, expanding Skanska’s operations from construction to customer experience.