METEMUT Alumni Event


METEMUT Alumni event for current and alumni students of Metropolia’s industrial design was held on Friday 26th of April at Arabia Campus of Arts. Lots of people gathered to the new campus and the atmosphere was excited and cheerful.

The evening started with a music performance, and the welcoming words following with the program of the evening. Then was the time for three short speeches by alumni students; first Marja Ojala, who works as a Lead Designer at Finnair, talked about continuous learning. Then Aaro Kurkela, working at Veikkaus as a Product Designer, listed the key tips for a designer at the working field. The third speaker was Jalmari Sarla, who has a little different perpective on design; he works with cities and urban planning, currently at the Augmented Urbans project. The evening continued with some more live music, pizza and mingling. There was also a possibility to get to see the workshop spaces of current students – and workshops were indeed quickly crowded with interested alumni´s.

The evening was a warm get together of creative people. METEMUT was first time held event, but definitely not the last!

Some photos from the evening:

(Photos by: Eerika Minkkinen & Nora Anttonen)