Varjo and Tynnyri at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2020

Industrial design student Onni-Vilhelm Ojanen presents his designs Varjo and Tynnyri at Greenhouse in Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2020. Greenhouse is popular section at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair where up-and-coming designers and design schools show their prototypes to future partners, producers and customers.

VARJO (shade) is pendant light where plant acts as the lamp shade. The lamp consists of three main parts. Light module from aluminium and glass, ceramic flower pot with a slot to slide it on the lamp and the shade part which locks into the groove on the pot made from metal strings.
Idea was to bring plants for everyone. It had to work in every place, small and big. Choice of plant affects the athmosphere it creates. the aluminium body is welded up so that the 12V led module is covered and it is safe to water the plant.

Tynnyri is designed for hallways. The shape comes from traditional barrels combined with modern touch. It has a storage place inside. Great to sit on and do your shoe laces or simply just chill and have the best chat with your friends.
First time live at @sthlmfurnfair
The 100% wool textile on this one is designed by @kaisakervinen. Name of the textile is Haze.
Kaisa is Helsinki based textile design student inspired by surrealism, dreams and abstraction. Currently she’s playing with hypnotic patterns and dreamy colors. To this fabric she wanted to get the mood of a hazy morning as the sun rises above the horizon. In her works she wants to use sustainable/natural materials and design products that will withstand time.

Varjo and Tynnyri
Photo Onni-Vilhelm Ojanen

Photo Onni-Vilhelm Ojanen