URBAN LIFE – Innovation Project 2018


The 2018 Innovation project course works handled urban environment from different viewpoints and with the tools of service design, answering existing challenges. The groups collaborated with companies and public sector, and the works were visible at Urban Life exhibition at Iittala & Arabia Design centre in the spring 2019.  The exhibition included a stand for every project as well as a video presenting all the projects. The teams were a mix of industrial design and interior architecture students, and international  exchange students.


The Projects and groups:


  • Guiding and branding of Espoo’s Waterfront Walkway: Rantaraitti 2.0

Inga Autio, Jessica Falck, Charles Répic


  • ”Nature” line to Nuuksio – branded HSL.operated connection from the Helsinki city centre to Nuuksio national park

Maria Holthoer, Pauliina Riihelä


  • Urban Planning Info system + promoting campaign for the City of Helsinki

Chris Hämäläinen, Pinja Nousiainen, Maiju Tuovila


  • Service Guide for Stopover passengers in Vantaa

Morgan Ard, Anna Bajnai, Onni-Vilhelm Ojanen


  • Vepsäläinen in progress – Business model focus

Mar Gene Cuairan, Esko-Matti Helin, Hanna Väinölä


  • “Connecting the Rock & Hill park to Arabia 135”

Tommi Chan, Henna-Mari Missonen, Tiina Seppälä

  • More Helsinki to Helsinki

Matevž Komočar, Atte Linna, Sanna Oksanen


  • Senior citizens and schoolchildren’s activities and companionship

Jutta Malinen, Laura Paaso-Rantala


The instructors: lecturers Juha Ainoa ja Pasi Pänkäläinen.