Innovaatioprojekti 2014

Themes for the groups:
1. KIVISTÖ HOUSING FAIR 2015 – How should Metropolia Design be shown in Kivistö housing fair?

2. CAMPUS 1 –  How the brook/creek of Myllypuro should be taken under the consideration in planning the campus area?

Julia Turunen – Merja Mähönen – Tero Pennanen
3. CAMPUS 2 – How are the majors shown in the new lobby of Myllypuro Campus?
4. VELOCITY NANTES – What is the most interesting way to present LAD project in Nantes 2015?
by Peppi Kankkunen – Julia Chen – Ugo Janiszewsk



5. L&T OUTDOOR SORTING HOUSE / UNIT –  How can the sorting/sorting space of a residential house encourage people to recycle more and better?

6. L&T SORTING GUIDE / INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE SORTING SYSTEM –  What kind of information is needed to encourage the people to recycle and do sorting better?
By Floriane Massé, Kia Koponen, Rasmus Lönnqvist, Mira Hölttä, Emmi Kainulainen, Toni Grönmark
7. BICYCLE SERVICES IN CAMPUS AREAS –  What kind of bicycle services would be important and functional in Myllypuro campus area and also for neighborhood? (+ other campus areas)
by Marjut Riihimäki – Venla Anttila – Merel Furniere
8. CYCLING PROMOTING – How should we motivate the cycling and bicycle culture in the Helsinki metropolitan area?

By Anni Sarno, Marcus Dake