Designing a user interface for ClimbstationTM-climbing wall

This thesis presents the making of a concept design of user interface for ClimbstationTM-climbing wall made by Joyride Games Oy. The concept is part of a Digi-Salama-project, which is organized by Metropolia UAS and the city of Vantaa.

The design is based on the current UI (user interface) of ClimbstationTM and the goal was to transfer it into a mobile form. In addition to getting familiarized with the current UI benchmarking existing applications and websites was used as a method. Interviews and observations were used to support the design, through offering insight into the current situation and the actual needs of the users.

Theoretical data on the essential terms and methods were also used in the planning of the design. UX (user experience), usability and UI design are core elements in the design. In addition, the thesis includes an overview on visual and information design. The outcome is a functional prototype of a concept, which guides the user visually, makes the climbing wall more approachable and reduces the need for guidance from instructors.

Thesis. Designing a user interface for ClimbstationTM-climbing wall. Jessica Falck. 2020. Industrial Design.