TUU MUN IHOLLE – A Unique, Woollen Underwear Collection


The subject for our thesis was to design a unique, woollen underwear collection for women. Since we didn’t have a mandator we were able to decide ourselves how we want to limit the subject. The whole collection is presented in the thesis visually as plans and presentation pictures. They were made by using Adobe’s Photoshop and Illustrator programmes. Part of the items of our collection where made as far as prototypes and those were also photographed on a model and are presented in the thesis as brand images.

Our aim was to design a unique collection that would manifest the story which we had created around it. We wanted the collection to express a strong, courageous woman who has chosen to take her own path. Our goal was to create something new, fresh and unique and to prove that it is possible to achieve a colourful collection by using natural colours. Therefore the research question turned to be How can we design a woollen underwear collection that is suitable for everyday use but does not feel ordinary or banal, however. We wanted our products to bring the feeling of luxury to everyday life and threw their aesthetic nature and comfort rise the spirits and self-esteem of their users.

In the beginning we benchmarked the present market conditions of woollen underwear and made a user poll in facebook. The aim was to clarify if our collection is unique enough in order to succeed commercially, and what features do consumers value in woollen underwear. Our actions were also controlled by ethicality: we want to pollute the environment as little as possible so our own set of values directed all the choices we made about materials and working methods.


Final thesis. TUU MUN IHOLLE – A Unique, Woollen Underwear Collection. Hanna Julin, Katariina Turpeinen. 2020. Textile design.

The permanent address of the publication: http://urn.fi/URN:NBN:fi:amk-2020052012613

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