“PentuBoksi” – Concept for Clear and Simple Puppy Upbringing Information


The aim of my thesis was to study and design a concept that can help simplify puppy upbringing knowledge. The purpose was to find out what kind of upbringing information exists and in what form it can be found. The goal of this thesis was then to develop a concept that facilitates, simplifies and clarifies the access to and content of this information.

My thesis focuses on studying the information needed to raise a puppy and the sources of this information. To gather data, I went through different dog upbringing guides and how they provide information, looking for similarities and areas for improvement. I also asked dog owners about the ways in which they obtain information and the problems they face while they are searching for puppy upbringing information, mapping the information acquisition problems from their perspective.

As a result, I found that the available puppy upbringing knowledge is often very text focused and unattractive. The dog owners also think that upbringing information that is available is simply not enough and that the information is often scattered across different sources, creating frustration when searching for information.

Through this, a two-part concept was born, that aims to simplify puppy upbringing information and accumulate it in one source. PentuBoksi is a concept entity that includes a website and a subscription package. The website focuses on sharing information that is needed before the decision to buy a puppy or before the puppy arrives at home. The subscription package focuses on providing information about training and taking care of the puppy.


Final thesis. “PentuBoksi” – Concept for Clear and Simple Puppy Upbringing Information. Enna Savolainen. 2020. Industrial design.

The permanent address of the publication: http://urn.fi/URN:NBN:fi:amk-202005118217