URBAN LIFE – Innovation Project 2018

  The 2018 Innovation project course works handled urban environment from different viewpoints and with the tools of service design, answering existing challenges. The groups collaborated with... Read more

Innovation project 2015

1. Cycling and Bicycle Service in North-Haaga train station area By Iiris Uusi-Kilponen, Marianna Salminen, Stella Haponen 2. AID FOR DESIGNERS FOR USING STANDARDS IN PRODUCT/SERVICE DESIGN By... Read more

Innovation project 2014

Themes for the groups: 1. KIVISTÖ HOUSING FAIR 2015 - How should Metropolia Design be shown in Kivistö housing fair? 2. CAMPUS 1 -  How the brook/creek of Myllypuro should be taken under... Read more

LAD – Innovation project 2013

HELSINKI Bicycle Centre 2.0 By Elina Niemi, Aleksandr Pylsy, Tomas Peltola, Aaro Kurkela     Service station/maintenance/ bicycle center services    ... Read more

LAD – Innovation project 2012

Five subjects of design: VANTAA 1. Gate 2. Buggy - personal trailer - House fair 2015 in Vantaa   3. School path - two pilot schools in Vantaa HELSINKI 1.... Read more

LAD – Innovation Project 2011

  The first concepts of Liikkuvan Arjen Design (LAD, Design for everyday mobility), built on biker profiles, were made as a collaboration with Metropolia's interior architecture and industrial... Read more