Designing a user interface for ClimbstationTM-climbing wall

This thesis presents the making of a concept design of user interface for ClimbstationTM-climbing wall made by Joyride Games Oy. The concept is part of a Digi-Salama-project,... Read more


VARJO pendant light

This thesis introduces the productizing of VARJO pendant light for Onni-Vilhelm Ltd. VARJO pendant light combines a living plant and light in a new, innovative way, where... Read more



”Around the world” knitted kimono collection

  This thesis includes the design process of a small knitted kimono collection, created by the designer and customer oriented approach, noticed in the design work. Mainline... Read more



Kotelointi CNC-koneelle

  As my thesis, I plan a casing for a CNC-machine. I will investigate both active and passive noise cancelling, and finally combining the best parts of both, I make... Read more



“PentuBoksi” – Concept for Clear and Simple Puppy Upbringing Information

  The aim of my thesis was to study and design a concept that can help simplify puppy upbringing knowledge. The purpose was to find out what kind of upbringing information... Read more



Woven Textiles as Brand Products: Designing a Brand Product Range for Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

  The design challenge of this thesis was to design a threepiece brand product range for Metropolia University of Applied Sciences’ Degree Programme in Design. The... Read more



The Shape of Music – Decorative Element for Music Campus

  This thesis is a journey through worlds of design and music. The objective was to design a decorative element inspired by music. The decorative element is to be... Read more



Business gift desingin

  The subject of my thesis was to design a promotional gift for the textile design sector of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. The gift was to be designed... Read more


Julin_Hanna, Turpeinen_Katariina (1)

TUU MUN IHOLLE – A Unique, Woollen Underwear Collection

  The subject for our thesis was to design a unique, woollen underwear collection for women. Since we didn’t have a mandator we were able to decide ourselves how... Read more



Responsible textiles – Accessories and interior textiles produced near versus far

  The aim of the thesis was to find out what the difference is between the responsibility of textiles produced near and abroad. The viewing point is micro-enterprises... Read more


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Augmented Reality user interface design

  This thesis is about a conceptual design of a user interface for Sciar Company Ltd. The end result is a finished visual layout of a user interface of an application... Read more


Aava wellness-spa

"The goal of this thesis was to create a wellness spa concept where everything is based on biophilia. My thesis introduces the vision of design, which shows how to create... Read more