Designing a user interface for ClimbstationTM-climbing wall

This thesis presents the making of a concept design of user interface for ClimbstationTM-climbing wall made by Joyride Games Oy. The concept is part of a Digi-Salama-project,... Read more


VARJO pendant light

This thesis introduces the productizing of VARJO pendant light for Onni-Vilhelm Ltd. VARJO pendant light combines a living plant and light in a new, innovative way, where... Read more


Aava wellness-spa

"The goal of this thesis was to create a wellness spa concept where everything is based on biophilia. My thesis introduces the vision of design, which shows how to create... Read more


TIG welding torch

"My thesis aims to update the traditional ergonomic and technical features of a TIG welding machine, and improving the usability with the help of product design means. My... Read more


Culture in Hiedanranta – Pattern Collection for Modus Ltd

"The subject of this thesis was to design a pattern collection for Modus Ltd. In addition to the pattern collection, an element library of the collection’s seperate elements... Read more


Drip Coffee Maker

"My thesis is a concept of a drip coffee maker for the pioneers of a coffee industry Lari Salomaa and Johan Damgaard, who also perform as my client for the project. The... Read more


3D printing onto fabric

"The purpose of this thesis is to explore the possibilities to utilize 3D printing in textile design by testing different filaments and fabrics. The client for this thesis... Read more


Lounge chair 2020 – Lounge chair design

"I designed a small lounge chair as a topic of my thesis. The goal was to design a chair that fits different environments, both private and public spaces. The starting point... Read more


Computer case for VR-devices

"In my thesis, my plan is to design a case for using and storing VR devices, based on needs of Metropolia XR design. The thesis consists of a research, the design process... Read more


Recreation cottages for city forests based on urban democratic planning and 3D printing using recycled materials

"The starting point and inspiration of my thesis is based on the Urban Infra Revolution (UIR) project. UIR's goal is to develop a new production method that can make efficient... Read more


Spatial Experience in Hotel Design

  "In my bachelor’s thesis I am looking to find solutions to the principles of creating a spatial experience in a hotel room." "Based on backgroud reasearch, I design... Read more


The Service experience for the future at Omena Hotels

"The subject of my thesis is the future innovations of the Finnish self-service hotel chain Omena Hotels. In my thesis, I observe the opinion of the current customers and... Read more