VARJO pendant light

This thesis introduces the productizing of VARJO pendant light for Onni-Vilhelm Ltd. VARJO pendant light combines a living plant and light in a new, innovative way, where the plant acts as a shade for the light source. 

Onni-Vilhelm Ltd is a product design company founded in 2017. The Company starts fulltime in the summer 2020 and is seeking to bring their first own product VARJO pendant light onto the market in late 2020. 

In the productizing process the pendant light VARJO was developed to be suitable for series production. To support the design process for the series-produced model the first prototype was analyzed and studies on lighting regulations as well as plant welfare were conducted. Based on these, design drivers were selected and a new model was designed. The work also introduces the manufacturer’s obligations and the manufacturers’ marketing plan for sales.

Thesis. VARJO pendant light. Onni-Vilhelm Ojanen. 2020. Industrial Design